Running: not a sport, but a state of mind

Running is part of my life. I started running seriously when I was a teenager in California. I have been running on and off ever since. When I got too busy, I stopped, only to get back into it, when I set myself the challenge to run a marathon. When I started a new job, I stopped again. This year, I started once more with the challenge to run a half marathon, and to increase my energy level.

Nowadays, I run on 3-4 days or 50K ┬áin a good week. I completed two half marathons and several 10K’s this year. Though I am no longer running competitively, I did run my best half marathon time this year, and I am closing in on my 10K all-time best. I am running a steady 8 min mile over 13 miles now, and am aiming for a 7:30 mile next year.

Running is largely about discipline and endurance. It is a way for me to refuel and to focus. When I am running, I am not thinking of anything in particular, but I do get some of my best ideas while running. It puts me into a Zen-like state. At that point, I don’t don’t need to push myself forward, I just cruise. I experience flow.

Running is much more of a state of mind than anything else.

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Teacher, mentor, occasional writer, innovator, and long distance runner. Lives in Ottawa

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