Savor that feeling

It’s a quiet morning on Tuesday,¬†January 1, 2013. The world is still waking up to the new year. I am nursing a double americano at my favorite coffee shop on Wellington St, sitting at a corner table by the window.

Outside: sunny, clear sky, and a chilling -15 C. Inside: hardly anyone. Usually, this is a busy, bustling place. Today, it’s quiet, a good place to plan the year ahead. After all, there is only one day in the year when you have the perspective of a full year to come.

The new year is still a clean slate, waiting to be filled with bounties of activities and achievements, joys and losses, fun and tough decisions to make. On this first day of the year, it feels like the year is under your control: you get to decide how it will play out.

Savor that feeling.

About Michael Weiss

Teacher, mentor, occasional writer, innovator, and long distance runner. Lives in Ottawa


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  1. Sorin Ghinescu January 3, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    Nice take. I also sometimes ( everytime before a new start ) love that feeling of everything possible before anything is said and done. A romanian poet once said, that is the prerogative of the egg.

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